Joining a Committee

Please submit applications for 2024 board or committee positions by December 5.

Committee Application Process

Texas Township welcomes residents willing to make a commitment to their community by serving on a commission, committee or board. We accept committee member applications throughout the year regardless of a current vacancy. As vacancies arise, we review each application on file to select the best candidate for that position.

Once you have completed your application, please submit it to the attention of the Township Superintendent. Applications can be mailed to the Township Office or submitted via email

Current & Upcoming Vacancies

The following Committees and Boards have a vacancy or upcoming term expiration:

  • Parks & Trails Committee 
  • Public Safety Committee
  • Planning Commission
  • Zoning Board of Appeals

Statutory Authorities, Boards & Commissions

Statutory boards and commissions are public bodies either required or authorized by law. They have specific duties outlined in state statute and/or the Township’s ordinance creating the particular committee. Texas Township’s Statutory Committees include: 

Advisory Boards & Committees

Advisory committees are not mandated or authorized by specific statutes. A township board may choose to establish advisory committees to collect information, make recommendations and participate in township programs. Advisory committees are just that-advisory-and they have no authority of their own. They can do only what the board has authorized them to do.

Texas Township's Advisory Committees include: