Emily Beutel was elected Clerk in November 2020. Previously, she served as Deputy Clerk since January 2018 and spent nine years managing the Farmers’ Market. Emily has lived in Texas Township for more than 25 years and lives with her husband Chad and three children. 

Emily has been active in the agricultural community for most of her life and career, growing up on Buckham Farms, which has been operating in Kalamazoo County since the last 1800s for five generations. She graduated from Mattawan Schools and earned here Bachelor's Degree from Michigan State University. 

Emily serves on the following committees:

  • Farmers' Market Committee
  • Parks & Trails Committee
  • Cemetery Committee
  • Election Commission

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Voter Registration & Election Coordination

The Clerk oversees the entire election process, from registering new voters, adding qualifying individuals to the Permanent Absentee Voter list, mailing absentee voter ballots, and managing the precinct locations on Election Day.

Records Management

The township has a large number of official records that need to be stored per the State's record retention policy. The Clerk oversees all records, retention dates, and the management of all electronic records.

Cemetery Information & Burial Arrangements

Texas Township has two cemeteries: Hope Cemetery and Virgo Cemetery. To learn more about the cemeteries, purchase plots, or obtain burial rates, please click here. The Clerk can assist you with selecting and purchasing a plot and will be responsible for coordinating burials when the time arrives.


All payroll and accounts payable are managed by the Clerk, who is the acting CFO. This includes processing and filing all invoices, paying vendors, and overseeing escrow accounts for the Building/Zoning Departments.

FOIA Requests

All public records Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests are handled by the Clerk's Office.

Meeting Minutes

The Clerk is the recording secretary for the Township Board meetings and is responsible for maintaining the meeting minutes for all committees in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.

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