Scheduling an Inspection

To schedule an inspection, you may either:

Please note that same-day inspections may be scheduled until 9:00 am. If a project fails the first two inspections, a $45 re-inspection fee will be applied.

Inspection Schedule

Building Inspections

  • Monday | Beginning at 8 am
  • Tuesday | Beginning at 8 am
  • Wednesday | Beginning at 8 am
  • Thursday | Beginning at 8 am
  • Friday | Beginning at 8 am

Electrical Inspections

  • Monday | Beginning at 10 am
  • Tuesday | N/A
  • Wednesday | Beginning at 10 am
  • Thursday | Beginning at 10 am
  • Friday | N/A

Mechanical Inspections

  • Monday | Beginning at 10 am
  • Tuesday | N/A
  • Wednesday | Beginning at 10 am
  • Thursday | N/A
  • Friday | Beginning at 10 am

Plumbing Inspections

  • Tuesday | Beginning at 9am
  • Thursday | Beginning at 9am

Inspections Required by Project Type

Below are frequent inspections that are required by project type.  If doing any electrical, mechanical, or plumbing work along with these projects, separate permits must be pulled for that work. Please keep in mind that final inspections must be completed on trade permits before the final building inspection can be approved.

New Construction  

  • Footing
    • Continuous Footings: BEFORE concrete placement
    • Piers (post frame, deck support): BEFORE concrete placement
  • Rebar – Prior to pouring concrete (for poured walls)
  • Foundation – After water proofing / Prior to backfill  
  • Sub-Slab (Commercial)/Radon (Residential) – After installation of vapor barrier / Prior to pouring the concrete
  • Masonry - After water barrier and base course flashing is applied, but before finish material is applied
  • Rough-In/Framing
    • All Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Rough-In inspections to be approved prior to Framing inspection.
  • Insulation/Energy Compliance – After the installation of the insulation
  • Blower Door Test - Submit Documents to Building Department
  • Final – After all work is completed, including sub-trades 


Inspections will vary based upon scope of project. Contact the Building Department for required inspections for your specific project. 

Pole Barn/Accessory Building  

  • Footing 
  • Project will require a Rough-In/Framing Inspection if the interior is being finished. 
  • Final


  • Footing  
  • Framing
  • Final 

Swimming Pool  

  • Be sure to get the Electrical Bonding Inspection before the cement slab is poured. 
  • Final 
  • Pool Fence - Access gates must be equipped with a self-latching/locking device and  must open outward away from the pool. Audio Alarms required on windows & doors less than 48 inches off the finished floor accessing pool area
  • Auto Cover must meet ASTM F1346 Pool Safety Cover Standards


  • Proof of Electric and Gas Disconnection, if Applicable
  • Final