What is the 20% parcel review?

To comply with the State Tax Commission guidelines, Texas Township is required to conduct field review of 20% of its properties every year (State Tax Commission (STC) Bulletin 2 of 2014 (PDF)).

The property review is to ensure all buildings and structures are accounted for and accurately measured. Property Record Card photos should also be updated at this time.

If you received a postcard, your property will be reviewed this year. Assessing staff will be going house to house measuring the outside of buildings and structures on the property. Staff will not need to, nor will ask, to come inside your home. They will also take digital photographs, front and back. If you are not home at the inspection day, staff will leave a door hanger at your door to let you know they have been there.

The Township Office will be aware of the schedule and who will be working in your property. Call the office if you have any questions about who might be knocking at your door.

Please call the Assessor if you have any questions or concerns.

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